PADAS Images

Work in progress, member’s astro images┬áto be uploaded here…

Until I figure out how to add a gallery…Send in your images for uploading to this page!

A fine image of M101 taken by Andy Brown…

M101 – The Pinwheel Galaxy

Some images taken by PADAS Secretary Graham McLoughlin

North America and Pelican in Hydrogen Alpha light

A Perseid meteor

Lunar Crater – Plato

Horse Head and Flame


Cygnus region in Hydrogen Alpha light



A couple of images taken in suburban Preston by Andrew Wellington

M13 – The Hercules Cluster


NGC4631 – The Whale Galaxy

1999 Total Eclipse as imaged from Munich, Germany by Barry Kennedy

Total Eclipse Munich 1999 - Image 2 - re-size


Total Eclipse Munich 1999 - Image1 - re-size

Images taken in the district of Preston by Graham McLoughlin include these…

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Rosette Nebula

Eastern Veil Nebula

Eastern Veil Nebula

To start with something appropriate for the JMO, here’s a photo of the Transit of Venus across the rising Sun as viewed from Cyprus on 6th June 2012. Image taken by Andrew Wellington.

Venus Transit 06-06-2012 - crop of IMG_4403