September 8th

Mike Armstrong

Solar Eclipses

October 13th

Professor Lionel Wilson

Unusual volcanic features on the Moon

November 10th

Peter Wade

Our Backyard Solar System

December 15th

Christmas Dinner and talk by Dr. Allan Chapman

January 12th 2017

Members Night

Updates on Astro-related Xmas presents maybe?

February 9th

Professor Derek Ward Thompson

The formation of stars & planets – New insight from the Herschel space observatory

March 9th

Dermot Gethings

Apollo 17 – The Goodwill Moon Rock

April 13th

Graham McLoughlin

The 1927 Total Solar Eclipse

May 11th

Members Night

June 8th

Talk by Dr. Keith Robinson followed by AGM

Subject TBC

July 13th

Steve Halliwell

Moses Holden

Aug 10th

Raeesa Parker

Planetary Formation