PADAS Meeting Diary


Jan 13th

Charlotte Proverbs, she will be talking about sunspots and Simon Ebo will be talking about δ Scuti pulsators. Both from ULCAN.

Feb 8th Talk postponed. February Meeting may be rescheduled to a new date

15th February 7.30pm Deepdale Labour club will be an informal members night , members encourage to show their astro images , share their projects or even asK for assistance how to set up your equipment , bring in any kit your want show or demonstrate.

March 13th 7.30pm (WEDNESDAY)

Visit to the Alston Observatory. Please note this on the Wednesday. Observing with the 700mm MHT Telescope , tour of the observatory .If cloudy we will have a talk by Dr Mark Norris, use of the Planetarium.

April 11th Dermot Gethings, FRAS, Vice-chair PADAS. The Sun, our nearest star.

May 12th Keith Pearson, PADAS. “Are we alone in the Universe?”

June 13th Our speaker this evening will be Dr Keith Robinson, PADAS Vice President with a talk titled “The road to imaging the brightest object in the Universe”

July 14th

August 11th

September 8th

Alexia Lopez, UCLAN. ‘A Big Ring on the Sky’

October 13th

November 10th

December TBC

Christmas Dinner. Places can be book at October/November meetings. Cost Approximately £27 per person.


Jan 12th

Wayne Lloyd will provide details from The Apollo Programme of the things that go wrong

Feb 9th

Mike Armstrong will talk about Transient Luminous Events 

March 9th

Graham MacLoughlin will tell us about Frank Holden FRAS, a founder member of PADAS

April 13th

Meet the Members Night and Astro Boot

May 11th

Licia Ray will explain Planetary Aurora 

June 8th

PADAS Vice President Dr Keith Robinson will be our guest speaker, explaining how to measure the temperature of a star from your back garden.

July 13th

Members Night at the observatory

August 10th

Dr Joanne Pledger of UCLan will deliver a talk on supernovae.

September 14th

Graham McLoughlin FRAS, PADAS Secretary on Dr. Arthur Beer Vistas in Astronomy. 

October 12th

Steve Warbis, Macclesfield Astronomical Society on Astrophotography under light polluted skies.

November 9th

Dr Sue Bowler, Editor of the RAS bimonthly magazine A&G on Gravitational Waves

December 14th 

Christmas Dinner at Garstang Country Hotel & Golf Club. Places can be book at October/November meetings. Cost Approximately £27 per person.